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Driven on cable undersea system.

The specifications:

  • Weight on air without transport basket and accumulator - 26 kg.

  • Max velocity - 5 mil/hr.

  • Length of the cable - 100 m.

  • Sizes: length - 910 mms, maximum width - 420 mms, height - 270 mm.

  • Maximum depth of the submersion - 50 m.

  • Power supply - from two car accumulators 2 x 12 V.

  • Maximum consumed power - 400 watts

The Equipment of the system:

  • Rolling central color video camera - 470 tvl, actinium - 0.1 luxury. The Camera has a spherical angle of the review 90 degrees and is equipped led directed with camera.

  • Manipulator with greyer by seizure. The Device has five grades of the liberty, own monochrome video camera of the high permit with(since) actinium - 0.01 luxury.

  • Pneumatic handgun for undersea hunt with own monochrome video camera of the high permit with actinium - 0.01 luxury.

  • System has an option "persecution". That is to say system moves there, where at present looks the central camera. Holding object in to field of visibility of the central camera, possible pursue in water movable object.

  • System)has a system of the change of different , due to that he can turn round the nose downwards and upwards.

  • Two headlights for orientation of the system in the dark.