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Development and production of navigating systems and devices
on the basis of laser gyros




Medical equipment




Single Mode and One Friequency visible and infrared Lasers ( Stibilised Power Output)


Measuring equipment and gyros


Laser gyrocompass 9A184


Laser gyrocompass 9A185


FPU-V Bi-platform photodetector with integrated amplifier


"Ten". Bi-platform photodetector with integrated amplifier


Capillary accelerometer AK5-50M


Quartz accelerometer A-15


Quartz accelerometer A-16


Accelerometer E-1


Driven undersea systems.


Driven on cable undersea system.


Second-hand equipment and materials


Ellipsometer LEF-3M


Glass Ceramik CO-115M in blisters, kg


Digital mass-spectrometer. Made in Ryazan. For determination of contents of residual atmosphere of gases by pressure of 1x10-3-1x10-7 torr. Spectrum of masses from 1 up to 200, Automatic scanning


Forvacuum pump NVR-5D (1989-1990)


Forvacuum pump NVR-16D (1990)


Forvacuum pump NVR-2,5D