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Impulse metal-detector
Model ML - 021

1. Impulse metal-detector Model ML-021 is intended for detection of metal objects under ground, in grass, in constructions of buildings. The action of the device is based on change of the signal in the receiving antenna when a metal object hits in field of the transmitting antenna.

2. Structure of the device.
The device consists of:
- a transceiver, which is fastened on belt or on breast of the operator;
- a transceiving antenna block with a hinged fastener;
- a dielectric rod, which is connected with the antenna block by the hinged fastener;
- headphones.
The antenna block is connected with the transceiver by an unsocket cable fixed on the rod by two fasteners.

3. Basic characteristics
3.1. Depth of detection of metal objects.


Depth of detection, cm

Coin, ring ø 1,5÷2,5 cm


Large coin, pendant, water- and gas- pipe ø 3÷5 cm


Metal pipe ø 6÷10 cm


Metal pipe, cover of hatch ø 50 cm


Metal objects measuring 90÷150 cm


Metal objects measuring more then 150 cm


3.2. Power supply - 4 batteries 4,5 V or accumulator.
3.3. Range of working temperatures -10÷+40°C
3.4. The device is maintainable in conditions of the factory - manufacturer.