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The Medical devices.

"Spectrotest". Spectrometric noninvasive indicator
volumetric shelters filling


It Is Intended for registration and indication level volumetric capillary shelter of the filling surface layers soft biological fabric (the skin, sliming shells organ) and middle level of the saturations shelters micro circular of the riverbed biological fabrics at examination patient in condition of the institutions of the public health (the hospitals, polyclinics etc.), as well as in condition research organization medical profile.

The Main(Basic) registered and indicated by Instrument by value is a relative index volumetric capillary shelter of the filling surface layers soft biological fabric, which is obliquely defined by method non-invasive (the through skin) spectrometric at illumination biological fabrics low intensive by optical radiation visible and near infrared range of the lengths of the waves.

Additional indicated by Instrument parameter when undertaking the diagnostics are an middle relative level of the saturations shelters micro circular of the riverbed biological fabrics and relative index melanin to pigmentations of the surface layers ed biological fabrics.

The Instrument can be used at estimation of the breaches micro circular shelters in surface layer soft biological fabric, level of the oxygen exchange into biological fabric and the general viability fabric at observation sick, suffering different organic and functional breaches periphery turn shelters (syndrome Rhine, warmhearted insufficiency, hypertension Disease and others), as well as at observation patient during undertaking different operating and reanimation action. The Instrument can be used in diagnostics of the cancerous diseases at estimation degree values beam reaction on factor level volumetric capillary shelter of the filling fabrics, as well as at estimation and objectivity of the oxygen status to tumors by way to registrations relative middle level to saturations shelters its micro circular of the riverbed. In to transplantation Instrument allows to get additional information on degree of a living of transplant on evidences of the reconstruction capillary shelters of the referencing and middle) level oxygenation micro circular of the riverbed of the transplant.

The Instrument runs under personal computer of the class Pentium-2 and higher, which must have vacant PCI-connector on main board for connection external device and working with OS by system Windows-98, 2000, XP.

In to composition of the Instrument enter the component parts, shown on photography.

1. Specifications.

  1. On functionality Instrument must allow in manual and automatic mode in real scale of time to register and display on screen of the monitor of the computer registered parameters. At software of the Instrument must allow the physician:

    - conduct the automatic calibration of the instrument on dissipating light standard before beginning of the examination of the patient;
    - write the raw data about patient (NAME, diagnosis etc.) and additional text commentary in to special personal file of the patient;
    - accompany each measurement text commentary;

    - build trend factors on all called on earlier to measurements;
    - automatically define and write time and date of the undertaking of each measurement;
    - keep in computer and unseal on printer measurement data.
  2. Time of the periodic removal to information under automatic monitoring patient must be assigned by user on screen of the computer within the range of 1 - 10 mines with at a walk 1. Transition from mode of the calibration in mode of the measurement - manual, at the option corresponding to worker window controlling program.
  3. The Image registered physician-biological information must is produced automatically real-time on screen of the monitor of the computer into digital and indicator view in to window of the program "Measurement".
  4. In To state of working instrument "Calibration 1" level signal on channel all led optical head of the Instrument in window of the program "Calibration" must be not less 3,0 and not more than 4,0 V.
  5. In state of working instrument "Calibration 2" attitude(relation) level signal on channel each of led of the optical head to level corresponding to signal in mode "Calibration 1" must correspond to the factor of the absorption of the filter optical neutral (specified in passport on Instrument) on each of channel with inaccuracy not more +/- 10%.

2. Requirements to reliability

  1. The middle life time on failure must be not less 1000 hours.
  2. The resource must be not less 3000 hours.
  3. The Average time reconstruction on enterprise -manufacturer(maker) not more - 8 hours.

3. The Requirements radio electronics protection.

  1. The Instrument storage to electromagnetic fields and hindrance in network in accordance with requirements (MEK 601-1-2-93).
  2. The Instrument is not a source radio-frequency radio hindrance since its principle of the action is founded on toward reinforcement and processing the under investigation signal without transformation of the frequency; accordingly(respectively), he does not require the special measures and check on ensuring the requirements, installed into (MEK 601-1-2-93).

4. Requirements to stability and toughness to external influence.

  1. Instrument possesses vibro toughness in mode with range of the frequencies to vibrations 10 - 55 Hz and amplitude of the displacement 0,15 mm.
  2. The Instrument into transport package is storage to mechanical influence.
  3. The Instrument storage to influence, caused by rough treatment. Instrument can be exploited at influence of the temperature from + 10oC before + 35°C and relative moisture 80% under +25°C.
  4. The Instrument is corrected after influence of the temperature from 50°C before +50°C and relative moisture 98% under 25°C in process transport and storage.
  5. The Optical head of the Instrument allows its disinfections on EAST 42-21-2-85 and MU-287-113 3% solution hydrogen peroxide with accompaniment 0.5% washing facility of the type "Lotos", "Aster", or changing their solution. The surfaces of the optical head also firm to their wipe 70%-96% solution of the ethyl alcohol.