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The Medical devices.

Noninvasive laser diagnostic systems of a series "LAZDICOM"

The laser noninvasive diagnostic systems of a series "LAZDICOM" is created together with Laboratory of medical and physical research of Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute "MONIKI" named after M.F.Vladimirskiy as well as together with the State R&D Institute "POLUS" since Jan. 2000. These systems are functioning on a basis of a simultaneous application of methods of Laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF), laser fluorescent diagnostics (LFD) and reflectance tissues oximetry (RTO). It allows a doctor with the use of total diagnostic data from different diagnostic channels to execute complex functional examinations of patients estimating better any delicate specialties in theirs micro-hemodynamics, oxygen metabolism in tissues, microcirculatory disorders, etc.          First in the World pilot model of such class of laser diagnostic equipment had been created and developed in 200-2003 under the international research and development Project #1001, supported by International Scientific and Technology Center (ISTC). A collaborator of the Project was the French company "CILAS".


The system is a table-located laser-electronic unit with an optical fiber as a diagnostic probe, so it is useful for external as well as for different into-cavity or endoscopic, gastroscopic, etc. procedures. For the medical staff the diagnostic procedure consists only in bringing of optical fiber probe to a slight contact with biotissue and reading the result from the monitor's screen.

One of variants of the system has been created in 2006 together with SPE “LAZMA” Ltd. Company.

Main areas of its application in medicine:

  • Oncology and radiology: diagnostics of malignant tumors, an estimation of the oxygen status of tumors;
  • Angiology: instrumental registration of blood microcirculation in tissues, an assessment of functioning of shunts and capillaries;
  • Endoscopy: an estimation of stages of erosive-ulcer and tumoral processes;
  • Endocrinology: an estimation of levels of trophic infringements in extremities at a diabetes;
  • Professional pathology: an estimation of vascular and trophic infringements at vibrating illness (white finger syndrome) and bronho-pulmonary pathologies;
  • Surgery: a choice of a place of a fence (formation) of a transplant, definition of degree of its viability;
  • Surgery: determination of type of a tissue at microsurgery operations with stem cells.


This variant of the system has passed all official state technical and clinical trials and has got on 05.11.2009 the Federal Registration Certificate of the Russian Federal Agency of Healthcare Inspection and Social Development No. FSR 2009/05953 as well as the Certificate of Safety of Gosstandard of the Russian Federation No. ROSS RU.IM18.V01611.

lasdiagn4_.jpg    lasdiagn5_.jpg    lasdiagn6_.jpg

Registered and determined main medical parameters:

  • index of tissue’s blood perfusion (Im) as a function of time;
  • functional pulse-saturation of oxyhemoglobin in arterial blood of the system of blood microcirculation (SpO2) as a function of time;
  • functional saturation of oxyhemoglobin fraction in a mixed peripheral blood of the system of blood microcirculation (StO2) as a function of time;
  • relative volume of all fractions of hemoglobin (volume of blood) in a tested tissue's volume (Vb) as a function of time;
  • an index of perfusional saturation of the oxygen in a blood (StO2m);
  • parameter of a specific oxygen utilization in a tissue (U);
  • frequency rhythms of regulation of microcirculation parameters (miogenic rhythm, neurogenic one, endothelial, etc.) at performance of the base functional test;
  • functional reserves in the system of blood microcirculation and the type of blood microcirculation in tissues of the patient (normal type, hyperemic type, spastic one) at performance of loading functional tests with arterial occlusion;
  • coefficients of fluorescent contrast of tissue (transcutanous indexes of content of the substances in a tissue) under excitation of fluorescence in ultraviolet (365 nm), green (532 nm) and red (635 nm) spectral wavebands, which indicate a content in the tissue and activity of different tissue’s enzymes and proteins (collagen, elastin, NADH, FAD, lipopigments, porphyrins, etc.).

The general ideology of systems of a series "LAZDICOM" as well as features of their design are protected by Russian patents No. RU 2234242 and No. RU 2337608, and also the international application forms on the PCT procedures with numbers of publications WO 03/077756 and WO/2008/140355.