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Development and production of navigating systems and devices
on the basis of laser gyros

About The Closed-End Company Association "Istok-EOS"

The Closed- End join-stock company Association "Istok-EOS" is created in 2001 on the base FGUP "Istok" for design and production gyrocompass, navigational systems and instrument on the base fiber and lazer gyroscope, as well as medical and search equipment. Since time was hereto added rendering the services on performance glass works, fabrication of the technological installation, fabrication of the mechanical details, as well as special chemistry glue. The Venture executes the design electronic blocks and their fabrication on the technical requirement of the Customer.

Currently, the enterprise produced the number lazer gyrocompass. They passed all types of the test. They Áre released with acceptance "1" and "5".

The high-sensitivity bi-platform photo detector with pass band up to 5 MHz was developed.

For the past time on different order is designed and made several groups of ten electronic block the most different purpose - from converters DC-ACE before navigational instrument of control automated tunnel shield or installation of hole pipes.

The Enterprise renders the facilities on supply accelerometers, produced different Russian enterprise.

Besides, firm) concerns with the design and production lazer medical instrument and search technology (the metallodetectors) of the different types. In the last 2 firm has took part in design of the number diagnostic medical instrument, one of which - an instrument "Spektrotest" passed certifications and is introduced in production in series.

The separate type to activity is a design undersea operated search device suitable to usage on depth, inaccessible peoples in to device on compressed air.